Villains, heroes & rascals in the opera

A turbulent voyage is expecting you through the world of opera, from belcanto to verismo. Figures like the devil, the prankster or the valiant hero are magicaly respresented in this programme full of surprises, humor, drama and unforgetable melodies by Rossini, Bizet, Verdi, Leoncavallo a. o. The fine arts trio presents a programme which moves souls.

Serenata Napoletana

'o sole mio, Torna a Surriento, Funiculì funiculà ans many other famous highlights of the neapolitan repertoire form this fiery, sentimental and sunny programme, which allways wins the favour of the public in Gemany, Austria or America

"Spanish Nights" or                                        "The heartbreakers of Seville"

Seville a symbol of the spanish character, has allways inspired poets and opera composers. This inspirations origined figures like Don Juan, the sympathetic barber of Seville, or the bold bullfighter Escamillo. Omar G. Garrido incarnates these heartbreakers of Seville.

Passion, cheerfulnes, sensuality and colours are some of the landmarks of our programme „Spanish Nights“. World-hits like Granada, Júrame, Valencia, La violetera as well as zarzuela-romances and dances represent an irresistible delight for the senses.



Vienna, city of my dreams

The most beautiful waltzes, the most famous operetten-arias, songs full of remembrances, a precious atmosphere, elegance and lightness. All this and more is „Vienna, city of my dreams“. Allow yourself to be abducted in a voyage full of dreams and charme.

Musical Gala, guest of Cole Porter

The flair and lightness -

The american style.

All this represents the music by Cole Porter. His original way of composing was enriched through long stay periods in Europe, a.o. in Paris. There emerged evergreens like Night & day, Begin the beguine...Enormous successes, such as Kiss me Kate may not be missed in this programme. Enjoy this sparkling revue.

Sakrale Romantik

Strolling through Venice in the 18th century, a mysterious chapel, contemplative mood.... This and much more offers our programme „Sakrale Romantik“. A combination of church classics like „Ave Maria“, „Agnus Dei“, „Ave verum“ and masterworks like „The seasons“ by Vivaldi, Tartinis Devils-trill sonata, Liebestraum, etc